Why fumigation is a safe option for pest removal

house fumigation

When some homeowners hear the term fumigation, they are apprehensive. Some are concerned about inhaling harmful fumes or dealing with leftover residue. While it is natural to be concerned, with our fumigation process you can be certain that your safety is a priority for us. Vikane is a gas not a liquid In our fumigations, we use the Dow Chemical Company product Vikane. The product, sulfuryl fluoride, is introduced into your home at a controlled rate and to a controlled level. We only use as much as is needed to kill the pests. Since Vikane is a gas there is

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Fumigation: Enjoy a Get-Away While We Take the Drywoods Awa

fumigation of house

Drywood Termites. They are a little different than their usual cousins–the subterranean termites. Drywoods don’t live down in the soil and munch primarily on wet wood. No, Drywoods find nice dry wood–like that found in your lovely home–to be quite delectable, thank you, no added moisture necessary. Although they normally live outside in dead trees, brush, firewood, etc., when residential neighborhoods are built in the Drywood’s primary habitat, the man-made structures become open to attack and infestation. The Drywoods are happy to enter your home through joints in exposed wood trim, attic vents, window sills, foundations, under wood shingles or

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Can A Pest Control Company Stop The Squirrels From Eating My House?

grey squirrel

This is the time of year that the squirrels start becoming more active as they begin the task of finding a home and starting a family.  They do this twice a year, the first between February and April and the second time between August and October.  You will probably notice their increased activity as they chase each other through the trees or across your roof. One thing you might not notice is how they are deciding what is an acceptable “home”.  Oftentimes they build leaf nests or use holes in the trunks of living or dead trees.  But, they are

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