Wasps and Hornets Require Professional Pest Control


Have you suddenly noticed wasps or hornets around your home? Have you been stung or are you afraid you or your children might be stung? Then it’s time to call a professional pest control service to take care of this serious problem. There are many types of wasps and they can be difficult to identify for a non-professional. Each type may have different habitats and different remediation techniques. They can live in the ground, under a rock, behind the wood shutters on your home, or burrow into your wood siding. If they work their way through your walls, they can

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Carpenter Ants: The Other Wood Destroying Pests

carpenter ant

Termites are not the only pests that threaten the integrity of your house. An infestation of carpenter ants nesting within your walls will also corrupt your home’s structural soundness. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood, they instead burrow their way through damp or decayed wood to create nests and tunnels. You will most likely find a nest of carpenter ants in hollow doors, wall voids, and insulation. If a colony of ants is not taken care of, they will reproduce at a rapid pace, leaving your walls filled with thousands of tiny pests. Finding small piles of wood shavings mixed

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Are spiders becoming a problem in your home?


When people think of pests, spiders aren’t usually the first creatures that come to mind.  Most species aren’t harmful to human beings, and they’re known for devouring insects such as mites and flies that have made their way into your home or backyard.  An occasional small and harmless spider, making a little web in a corner of a room, typically isn’t a big problem and can be disposed of easily if needed. Problems with spiders arise when they become too great in number, and when the ones in your home are of a more dangerous variety. When there are too

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FAQs about Termites and Fumigation

termite fumigation

If the exterminator has recommended fumigation as the best method to eliminate destructive termites from your home, you may be concerned about the procedure and safeguarding your family’s health. Since fumigation can be performed only by trained and certified professionals, you can be assured that every precaution will be taken to protect the safety of the home’s residents. Why Fumigation? Termite infestations may be localized in certain areas of your home’s structure and so may be exterminated with the use of local applications.  But when termites have invaded the entire structure and the infestation areas are inaccessible, your exterminator might recommend a

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