Carpenter Ants

ant photo

Among the many different species of insects, ants seem to be the most common in the world. If you look on any sidewalk, in any major yard, or even in the jungles you’ll find a species of this mighty creature and they are so small that you might not even be afraid. It is not until you meet one that will sting and keep stinging until you are crippled that you start to realize that there are some that can be more dangerous than others. Carpenter ants are one of the larger species that you might find, and they are

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How Yearly Termite Control can Greatly Reduce the Chances of an Infestation

drywood termites

The worst nightmare of a typical landowner is to find a termite infestation at the height of the problem by accidentally breaking a piece of paneling that has been degraded. A termite infestation can destroy the foundation of a home, potentially causing thousands of dollars of damage, which does not include the cost of eradication. By learning more about the strategies you can employ on your own at home as well as some of the professional options, utilizing termite control should be achievable in no time at all. Protect your Home With Repellent and Non-Repellent Products As a homeowner, you are the

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California Pest Control Pros Discuss Cool Weather, Roof Rat Troubles

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With the colder weather now upon us, many of California’s creatures are scrambling for somewhere warm to reside until spring. Thus, it is not uncommon for residents to begin to notice that their homes have been invaded by some of the Golden State’s most infamous residents. One uninvited resident that tends to show up quite frequently is the roof rat. In California, roof rats tend to weigh less than a pound and grow up to 17.5 inches long. They typically have big ears, long tails and dark hair. Depending on the individual roof rat, its hair may be black, dark

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