New possibilities in termite control

Termites cause $40 billion worth of damage world wide every year. Untold amounts of money have been spent in the search for a better way to control the pests. This has been an ongoing struggle for decades. For close to 50 years, researchers have tried unsuccessfully to use microbes as  a biological termite control. University of Florida researchers have recently discovered what makes termites so resistant to most diseases. By using their own feces to build their nests, termites promote the growth of helpful bacteria. These bacteria have been found to stave off pathogens. The 9 year study took a new

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Crickets are often times thought of as common insects, and in many ways they are, but they can become pests if they start to infest your yard, home, and start eating away at garden areas. These small creatures are in a way related to grasshoppers, and currently, scientists have considered about 900 species are known, and many more could exist in nature that haven’t been catalogued quite yet. They are nocturnal, and are rare to see in daylight, and in many cases are confused with other types of jumping insects. They jump with their hind legs, and are categorized as

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Finding an Excellent Pest Control Company in Diamond Bar, CA

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When it comes to finding a pest control company in Diamond Bar, CA, knowing how to compare the available options is essential. Investigate the Fine Print of the Guarantee Nothing is worse than paying for a pest eradication service that does not eliminate the problem. Although some pests may be a reoccurring problem due to the location of your home or natural seasonal fluctuations, the pest control company should at least guarantee the eradication of the current infestation for a defined period of time. According to Pest World, “Pest control companies differ in their guarantees. If a guarantee is given, know

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Choosing A Termite Control Company in Brea, CA

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Finding the right pest control company to treat your home or business in Brea, CA is not always straightforward. As a customer, it is your right to compare as many pest control companies as you please in order to help you make an informed decision. By learning how to compare such companies based on the premise of service quality, value, treatment effectiveness and legal responsibility, choosing the right company should be possible. Compare Value with Service Quality While it may be tempting to choose the cheapest service available for pest control, the cheapest service may not always solve the pest problem. Search

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