Pest Control Companies Can Help Manage Fire Ant Invasions in Chino Hills

ants in house

Spring is close at hand and pest control companies in Chino Hills know that means before long, fire ant mounds will be popping up all over our area. Most Californians are already accustom to seeing red fire ants but this year, they may notice another biting invader in their mist. Unfortunately, black fire ants have also been making their way across the nation. Their scientific name is Solenopsis richteri and experts widely agree that the insects traveled here from South America. Their colonies started out small and were confined to a few areas. However, they’ve been expanding their range and some people believe

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Spring Is Here: Is It Time For A Termite Inspection?

termite fumigation

It’s spring again and time for that annual housecleaning. Your garage might need a good clean-out and maybe your front lawn could use some work. There might, however, be one other important step that you’re missing this spring: Termite Inspection. Termites are wood-eating insects that perform an important ecological role by breaking down dead wood and returning the nutrients to the environment. Unfortunately, if left unchecked, termites might also break down the wood that makes up your home, leaving you with expensive repairs and a house that might not be safe to live in. Termites can compromise the structure of your

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