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How to Prevent Mosquito Breeding Grounds

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Tiger Termite Control

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Tiger Termite Control Since 1997, Tiger Termite Control has been your local residential termite and pest control service throughout the Inland Empire and Orange County. With a history of being problem solvers for our customers, we’re focused on delivering the highest quality

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5 Benefits Behind Calling a Pest Control Company to Rid Your Home of Bugs in Corona, CA

While purchasing an over the counter solution to your pest problem is tempting, you may begin rethinking your choice when those unwanted guests start reappearing in your Corona, CA home. If you’re unsure about calling a pest control company, the 5 benefits listed below can help you understand

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Did you see a mouse today?

Did you see a mouse today? A fuzzy little shadow in a corner of the kitchen? That would not be at all surprising. Summer and winter alike, lots of little creatures like to get indoors where it is comfortable and safe. Unfortunately, mice are not just cute

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Pest Control Companies Can Help Manage Fire Ant Invasions in Chino Hills

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Spring is close at hand and pest control companies in Chino Hills know that means before long, fire ant mounds will be popping up all over our area. Most Californians are already accustom to seeing red fire ants but this year, they may notice another biting invader in their

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Millipedes are insects that are in the arthropod family and have separate sets of legs. It has several sections that make up the body and each one has a pair of legs, with several segments. Most often they are elongated and have a cylindrical shape that can

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Oriental Cockroach

The oriental cockroach is also known as a water bug is on the larger side of the species of cockroaches that can infest a home. They can measure upwards of 1 inch in length and can seem somewhat daunting to kill upon first sight. They are brown

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One of the more interesting looking insects that can infest the home is one of the many different classes of Thysanura. This animal is sliver and can have a blue contrast known simply as Silverfish. Sometimes this type of creature can be called fish moth but will

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Imported Fire Ant

One of the several hundreds of species of ants that are known is the red imported fire ant or sometimes called RIFA. Initially this insect was native to only South America, it has become one of the hardest hitting pests in a variety of countries. Unlike other

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One of the smaller species of cockroaches is the German cockroach and only gets to be a little bigger than half an inch long. They can get bigger, but on average they are small, tan, brown, and nearly black with streaks. You will find these in many

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