How to Compare Termite Inspection Reports

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How to Compare Termite Inspection Reports Termite reports consist of findings (i.e. termite infestations, termite damage, fungus damage, etc.) and recommendations to correct these findings. Reports prepared by various companies SHOULD list the same findings. However, recommendations to correct these findings MAY vary from company to company. In reality, almost no two termite reports are ever the same. The accuracy of the findings depends entirely on the inspector’s experience, honesty, and work ethic. The recommendations depend on the company’s policies and guidelines. To Compare the Reports: First, make sure that both companies have the same findings. It is entirely possible

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Tiger Termite Control

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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Tiger Termite Control Since 1997, Tiger Termite Control has been your local residential termite and pest control service throughout the Inland Empire and Orange County. With a history of being problem solvers for our customers, we’re focused on delivering the highest quality of products and treatments available. And with core values that are based on transparency and trust, you can count on us to protect your home with dedication and integrity. Here are the top 10 reasons why Tiger Termite should be your number one choice: We never patch wood that needs to be replaced –

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10 Ways Termite Companies Cut Corners

Top 10 Ways Termite Companies Cut Corners 1. Patching wood that needs to be replaced – This is the number one way consumers get ripped off. Patching over severely damaged exterior wood is only a temporary fix. The damage is still there and will need further attention down the road. 2. Diluting chemicals – Termite companies performing local treatments for both subterranean and drywood termites can easily dilute the chemical they use in order to cut their costs. Some termites die but others simply rebuild the colony. 3. Less than recommended amount of fumigant – In order to reduce expenses

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Oranges not an alternative to whole house fumigation!


Oranges not an alternative to whole house fumigation! Some companies have been misleading consumers about the safety and effectiveness of treatments using orange oil (d-Limonene) products. Before you spend thousands of dollars you need to get the facts. (1) Orange oil is a spot treatment. Only detected, accessible colonies can be treated by drilling small holes into which d-limonene (citrus oil) is injected. (2) Orange oil is not equivalent to a fumigation. Fumigations are whole house treatments and kill all detected and undetected termites, including those inaccessible for spot treatments. (3) Effectiveness. The effectiveness of spot treatments will vary considerably

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The Cost of Structural Repair from Termites

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The Cost of Structural Repair from Termites Fewer forces are more destructive to homes than termites. Worse, unless the homeowner’s insurance carries a special rider, repairing termite damage is not covered. Because termites must stay hidden from ants, they are very difficult for homeowners to discover and can cause significant damage to properties before they are detected. How much does it cost to repair termite damage? This depends on: The age of the termite colony. The type of termite. Where the damaged is located. Who is going to do the repairs. In 2014, 36 six percent of pest management professionals charged between

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