Is Heat Wave Right For You?

Heat Wave A termite’s natural enemy can be an effective way to control Drywood Termites. Using a convection heater that burns propane gas and tarps to trap the heat, the treatment area is warmed up. Temperatures can reach 150 degrees and are monitored with sensors in different locations within the structure. Drywood Termites are sensitive to changes in temperature and soon die.

Although you can treat an entire structure with heat, treatments are generally limited to specific areas, because most household furnishings can not withstand such high temperatures and it would not be practical to remove them during the treatment. Thermal blankets, cooling fans and cool rooms (areas in the house not being treated) are sometimes used to protect such items.

Some advantages to Heat-Wave are: no pesticides are used and the structure can be entered immediately after treatment. It also has a short application time (typically less than eight hours). Some disadvantages include: possible property damage and the fact that lethal temperatures can be difficult to maintain during treatment. It is also possible for termites to move away from the heat if the treatment area isn’t large enough.

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