Can A Pest Control Company Stop The Squirrels From Eating My House?

This is the time of year that the squirrels start becoming more active as they begin the task of finding a home and starting a family.  They do this twice a year, the first between February and April and the second time between August and October.  You will probably notice their increased activity as they chase each other through the trees or across your roof.

One thing you might not notice is how they are deciding what is an acceptable “home”.  Oftentimes they build leaf nests or use holes in the trunks of living or dead trees.  But, they are not beyond setting up house inside your house.  Your attic or crawl space is a common area for them to make a nest.  You can imagine how warm and comfy they are curled up inside your insulation.

Mother squirrels can be a huge nuisance and responsible for a lot of damage.  Most damage is caused by gnawing on electrical wires and boards but they can also destroy siding, vents, grates or screens in their effort to gain access.  You can sometimes spot the damage from a street view but, usually, only a thorough inspection will locate the point of entry.

There is a very important reason to deal with squirrels that have taken up residence as soon as possible. They will gnaw on electric cables and wires and these exposed, “hot” wires then become a fire hazard.

In addition to the damage they can do inside your home they can also be responsible for damage to your outdoor shed roof, your bird feeders and other garden decorations, young trees and flowers and lawns and flower beds.

Now is the time to contact a pest control company with experience dealing with squirrel problems.  In addition to clearing them out of your attic or crawl space, we can check now, before they find a way in, and ensure that they do not have a chance to make a home.   Contact us when you hear the pitter-patter of little feet above your head or contact us now to make sure you don’t!