How to Prevent Mosquito Breeding Grounds

Preventing Mosquito Breeding Grounds Around the House. (1) Gutters – Remove leaves and other debris. (2) Flowerpots – Pour out stagnant water from flowerpots and planters. (3) Grill Cover – Make sure water isn’t gathering on top of the grill. (4) Baby Pool – Don’t let water sit in baby pools for long periods of time. (5) Birdbath – Frequently change out the water in birdbaths. (6) Leaky Pipes – Repair and leaky pipes or faucets. (7) Tires – Drill holes in the bottom of a tire swing and wheel barrels to allow water to drain. (8) Trash Cans – Ensure trash cans are tightly sealed, and lids aren’t flipped upside down. (9) Buckets – Remove water collecting in buckets and toys. (10) Ponds – keep swimming pools and pond adequately treated.