Can A Pest Control Company Stop The Squirrels From Eating My House?

grey squirrel

This is the time of year that the squirrels start becoming more active as they begin the task of finding a home and starting a family.  They do this twice a year, the first between February and April and the second time between August and October.  You will probably notice their increased activity as they chase each other through the trees or across your roof. One thing you might not notice is how they are deciding what is an acceptable “home”.  Oftentimes they build leaf nests or use holes in the trunks of living or dead trees.  But, they are

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Gopher control during winter?


During the month of January gopher activity begins to increase gradually and by the end of March mating season begins, increasing the overall presence of gophers in the months of April and May. Gophers may seem cute, but these pesky little critters wreak havoc wherever they go. Gophers have a natural tendency to burrow underground, which quite often disrupts gardens, lawns and underground cables. In reality there’s nothing more frustrating then having one of these guys eat through your cables. So before your lawn becomes another countless victim, we’ve included some helpful tips on preventing gopher infestation. Here are some tips to

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