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Specializing in termite control, Tiger Termite Control Inc. is dedicated to providing cutting edge technology, we don't just postpone the problem; we stop it at the source. We give homeowners in Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange Counties the peace of mind that comes with complete and lasting freedom from termites. If you suspect your have termites, contact us and you can receive a 100% free evaluation and consultation. We will discuss the problem with you and see what options will best work with your particular needs and budget.

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If you suspect your have termites, contact us and you can receive a 100% free evaluation and consultation. We will discuss the problem with you and see what options will best work with your particular needs and budget.

Escrow Inspections

If you’re selling or buying a home you need an honest inspection. We have been working with local real estate pros for years. We can help you get the job done at a price that wont break the bank.

Free limited Inspections

Our non escrow inspections are always free! Because we offer whole house fumigations and local treatments we can design a personalized program for your unique situation.


Not every house needs to be fumigated but only whole house Vikane fumigation kills Drywood termites in inaccessible areas. We will perform a thorough inspection and recommend a treatment plan based on your unique situation.

Structural Repairs

Rest assured if your home does have damage our staff of carpenters has the experience to complete the job saving you time and money from hiring contractors and other trades people. 

Drywood Termite Treatments

If you have Drywood Termites then you have several treatment options available to control them. These include heat, cold, electric shock, chemical, microwave and whole house fumigations. We will professionally inspect you home and let you determine what method is right for you.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites live in the ground. We use Termidor the worlds number #1 pest defense. We will be happy to show you the benefits of this superior product.

Fungus and Dryrot

Fungus and Dryrot is usually caused by an excessive moisture condition such as a plumbing leak or leaking roof. We will find and fix the source of the moisture then replace any damage or infected wood. 

Yearly Services Plans

Tiger Termite offers yearly service plans termite insurance to protect your home against future attacks.

Preventive Treatments

There are a variety of safe and effective ways to prevent termites, rodents and other insects from entering your home. Schedule a free estimate and one of our licensed inspectors will customize a plan just for you. 

Local Treatments

We are specialists in the treatment of wood destroying pests and organisms. We offer treatment options to fit your needs and circumstances. All areas treated are guaranteed. 

Subterranean termites

Subterranean termites live in the ground like ants. They forage for wood buried beneath or in contact with the soil. They can also reach above ground using mud tubes that protect them from predators. They cannot eat through concrete, however they can gain access to a structure through cracks in the concrete. Fumigations do not control them because the fumigant does not reach into the soil. Control can be obtained by placing chemicals or chemical barriers in the soil. Bait stations are also effective, however it takes time for termites to find them.

Drywood termites

Drywood termites live in dry, sound wood. One of the common symptoms of drywood termite attack is the accumulation of tiny, straw-colored fecal pellets. These pellets are ejected from the wood. Pellets do not change much over time and they may continue to sift out even after the colony has died. Colonies of drywood termites are relatively small (fewer than 3,000 individuals). Control can be obtained by whole house fumigation or a number of localized treatments.

Drywood termites

Dampwood Termites: This type of termite only infests wood with a high moisture content. Dampwood termites are commonly found in logs, stumps, dead trees and damp or decaying wood. Infestation in structures usually occurs where wood is in contact with the ground or in areas where there is a moisture problem. Dampwood termites are larger in size then subterranean and drywood termites. Control can be obtained by eliminating the moisture problem.

Drywood termites

Termite Swarms: During the spring and fall mature termite colonies will reproduce. This is done by sending out hundreds of reproductive termites. When the time is right they will all leave the colony through an exit hole. If uninterrupted this could take place within a few hours and would not happen again until the next year. If you see hundreds of flying bugs in your home, it maybe a sign of an infestation. Termites aren't capable of a long sustained flight you may see them fluttering around the ground or just walking about. They rely on the wind to carry them to their new home. After their maiden fight they shed their wings, so the presence of hundreds of wings is also a sign of an infestation.